Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanks for playing.

The things written in this blog will offend you.

Well...maybe not EVERYTHING, but certainly some of the things I write may or may not sit well with people who happen to come across this page.


That means I'm writing what's REALLY on my mind as opposed to writing with my mental 'filter' engaged.

I hope that you come through here and get something out of this-I really do. But, if you don't get anything else but a chuckle and/or a "WTF" feeling when you read this stuff, that's okay too. I write for other people to read it (otherwise, why bother writing this blog in the first place, right?) but I'm also writing this to dissipate some of the stress that builds up in yours truly on the daily. If I didn't, I'd end up cutting a person's intestines out with a spork losing it.

I might write in this thing three or four times a week. Sometimes, it might only be once that whole week-mostly due to time constraints due to my wife and kids, church, school, and my lodge. Other times, it'll just be beacause the option of a mid-afternoon nap / having some turkey bacon /scratching my balls will just be a little more enticing than writing at that particular point in time.

In any case, thanks for coming. Stop by often. Comments and/or criticisms are welcome and encouraged. Enjoy.

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