Saturday, February 28, 2009

Escuchela...La Ciudad Respirando

First off, I want to apologize to my readers for being away for so long. Life gets in the way sometimes. I can't promise that it won't ever happen again but if it does, you guys will get notice well before the hiatus begins.

Anyway, back to the post....

I love Philadelphia.

If my nom de plume isn't enough, just ask me when you see me. I can talk about Philly from a historical perspective, musical perspective, how the neighborhoods differ, etc. I wouldn't call myself a Philadelphia expert, but I put on for my city and will do so until they bury me.


That being said...

I'm getting sick of living here.

I can't believe that I'm writing this down but it is, what it is.

Yeah; I'm getting sick and tired of living here.

I'm tired of the negative vibe I've been feeling around the city as of late. Whether it's the trash on the street(which is only going to get worse with cuts to the city budget) or the way a lot of people around these parts seem to go out of their way to be disruptive,(either with loud music, domestic disturbance, or some other ugliness)I'm getting sick of dealing with this feeling.

I'm tired of the City Wage Tax. For those who might not know what this is, this is a Philadelphia tax that is leveled upon anyone who either works or resides in Philadelphia. For most of my adult life, I've chalked it up as one of the prices we pay to live in Philly but this tax has grown to annoy the living hell out of your interepid author as I mostly work in the surrounding counties and am beginning to lose sight as to why the tax exists.

I'm tired of the rampant violence and corruption. It's a bad time to be an employee of the Philadelphia Police Department. Another cop got killed here last month and yet another was shot in the leg a few days ago. If these animals are shooting at cops, there's no telling what they'll do the average citizen.

In other police related news, the city is going to have to overturn a great many cases of a particularly corrupt officer who'd begun to have his informant fabricate offenses in order to secure convictions. I know; this in and unto itself stinks to high heavens but of course, it gets worse...

Department policy states that no officer is to have dealings with informants on a personal basis. THIS cretin had been involved so personally with the informant that the news recently reported that the officer was RENTING AN APARTMENT to said informant. What part of "YOU ARE NOT TO HAVE PERSONAL DEALINGS ETC," don't you understand?!!!

The city is up to it's 40th murder of the year (I think) and with the warm weather around the corner, I don't see a slowing down of this disturbing trend.

I dunno.

Maybe I'm fooling myself by thinking that this stuff doesn't occur in every major city in the country.

Maybe it's just that I'm tired of the gray days and cold weather.

Maybe it's just time to move on.


Jae said...

I feel like I want to leave sometimes, but I too love this city.

I've been a lot of places, but I never feel completely comfortable anywhere else.

The only place i've been and didn't want to come back to Philly within a week is Dalla. Can I see myself living there though? Probably not.

P.S. Booooo @ at Jeff and Andy for letting Dawk get away.

K. said...

I feel you man. I live in Upper Darby which is really just West Philly Extended (lol). So far I haven't been affected by budget cuts b/c of that but on everything else (including the wage tax!!!) I feel you.

The Philadelphia Negro said...

@ Jae

I just want to see what it's like someplace else. (Florida immediately comes to mind.) Who knows? Maybe I'll get tired of that too and want to move back here but some of the stuff that goes on here has had me "looking at the front door" like Large Professor.

@ K.

Upper Darby has its own share of drama and BS too fam! Inherent (to the area itself) and spillover. (from Philly)