Friday, December 19, 2008

Getting in touch with your star player....playa.

2009 is almost upon us people.

Lord willing, I'll be 36 on my born day this year.

Only 4 more years to the big 4-oh; a fact that is NOT lost on your intrepid author.

While I've never been a person who's been able to keep a resolution, I will say that we're not getting any younger and it's high time (if you haven't already) to, as Katt Williams says, "get in touch with your star player."

Don't confuse what I'm saying here with another popular phrase that people like to say...

You know the saying.

"Do You."

I've heard it said umpteen million times. Shit, I might've even said it that many times myself but it's time to change the way we think and operate. I mean, what if 'Doing you' has negative effects or ramifications on someone else? Unacceptable.

In 2009, let's take a page out of Spike's book and instead of "Doing Us," let's "Do the Right Thing" (Which, by the way, Spike HIMSELF isn't even doing by rooting for the loser ass Knicks.
Sixers, Bitches.)

But back to the original point of my post, what I AM advocating is finding your niche and applying laser-precise focus in order to bring your thoughts into reality. You can't afford to be out here lacking direction these days.

above: DEFINITELY does not have her mind right.

Don't get me wrong, there are always going to be setbacks, obstacles and distractions but a dude I know (thanks, Jacobini) said something to me earlier this summer that's going to stick with me forever: "The Devil fights hardest when you're closest to your glory."

If you want to see focus...I mean REAL effing focus, watch this youtube video.

Say what you will, but Captain Pugwash is focused, man. Fight for your dreams and goals the way he's all in for that broccoli.

"Persistance beats Resistance." (Thanks Kev.)

Perservere, people.

Note: I know this post might've come off as being a tad trite, but it was what I was feeling. Writing this was as much (If not more) for me as is was for anyone else. A catharsis of sorts. Ah least I feel better. And really, isn't that all that matters anyway?

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