Saturday, December 20, 2008

That's What's Up.

(Pre-Blog note: First off, I'd like to say "Thanks" to Chris A. and my fellow VSB'er, the lovely BBMo for subscribing to my foolishness. I don't know what it says about you guys, but ya'll are all right with me.)

ANNOUNCEMENT! (Like anybody the eff really cares...)

I spend a lot of time during the week following "Very Smart Brothas." (Thanks, Champ and PJ) As such, I haven't really gotten around to writing in this blog with any amount of consistency. I decided that I'm going to stop fooling myself and embrace my addiction. From now on, I will update this blog Fridays to Sundays, leaving me with time during the week to follow VSB, frustrate myself by expecting way too much from asshole patients and enjoy slices of sweet potato cake.(Yeah, It's that good.) That is all.

Back at the actual blog post.......

Those who know me in real life know that I say "That's What's Up."

A lot.

I've been sitting here thinking about things that currently cause me to smile knowingly and say "That's What's Up." Here's a small list:

-When I'm eating at a restaurant, I order my food and then about three minutes later, I purposely go to use the restroom. When I come back to the table, my food's usually there. It's like magic. And magic, is what's up.

-Sweet Potato Cake. With the cream cheese icing. That's what's up.

-Women with pretty feet. DEFINITELY what's up.

-Anticipation for 2009. With B+ taking office, I'm excited to see how his management/leadership style and foreign policies will differ from the crap we've been force fed for the last eight years. I'm keeping my expectations realistic though. Cautious optimism is what's up.

-Spending time with my sister is what's up.

-Shifts where I don't turn my ambulance on for anything else except to get breakfast/lunch/dinner, is most certainly, what's up.

-The women in Ryan Leslie's video for "Addiction." While they're definitely the size of typical video women, they're darker than the average video women put forth as the standard of beauty in music videos. Redefining what beauty is, is what's up.

-Gangstarr's song 'Skillz.' In fact, anything that Guru and Primo get together on, is what's up.

-Loving Christ and professing it verbally, is what's up.

-Family is what's up. All day every day. Twice on Sunday.

If anybody else has opinions on what is or what is not up, feel free to add them in the comments.

Exchanging ideas is what's up.


Chris said...

Spending time with your family on Christmas is "What's up." Having good friends who support you and believe in you is "What's up."

Merry Christmas

Jae said...

Sweet potato cake with the cream cheese icing is what's hot on the streets!

Shoot, you got me ready to go to Shoprite now.

The Philadelphia Negro said...


Folks don't be knowin' about the Shoprite baked goods fam! The sweet potato pie over there is not a game....